Balancing Professionals is committed to educating building owners, mechanical engineers and contractors on the benefits of testing and balancing early and regularly to reduce equipment malfunction, sterilize environments and maintain certification.

The testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) process optimizes system performance and energy efficiency which extends the life of your equipment.

As a NEBB-Certified firm, Balancing Professionals can test, balance and certify laboratories, controlled air environments, and other facilities that require certification or annual inspections.

Our staff will:

  • Develop and plan the work
  • Handle report preparation
  • Recommend corrective action
  • Set overall safety plan
  • Maintain instruments and calibration program
  • Have experience with control strategies, sequence of operation, control systems, equipment and software
  • Review, check, sign and stamp final tab report
Air Systems Balancing

HVAC systems do not automatically balance to operate efficiently. Immediately after installation and periodically throughout the life of the equipment HVAC systems should be tested, adjusted and balanced for proper operation. Multiple variables impact the performance of equipment, from outside air to inside fans, to even the slightest occupant adjustment. Balancing Professionals, Inc. can provide the correct air flow to fans and outlets to achieve optimal comfort, equalized pressure and energy efficiency.

Hydronic Systems Balancing

Much like air systems balancing, water systems are balanced for the same important reasons. Multiple variables impact the performance of hydronic equipment, from outside air to inside pumps and coils to occupant adjustments. Balancing Professionals, Inc. can balance the proper flow of water to and from pumps and coils to save money while improving occupants’ health and comfort through HVAC performance.

Retro Commissioning

Retro commissioning is a process that improves under-performing buildings, indoor environment and comfort, and optimizes energy usage for aging facilities. Our goal is to produce a building that meets the needs of its owners and occupants, operates as efficiently as possible, provides a safe, comfortable work environment, and is operated and maintained by well-trained technicians. 

Retro commissioning of building systems drives deep, lasting energy savings for owners and managers of existing buildings by taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency. It covers building systems, energy using equipment, operating schedules, and optimizes how these elements perform together.

Our dynamic group has the capabilities to bring a team of HVAC experts together to test and evaluate your building’s current conditions. Proper balance provides building owners, managers and staff with more comfortable environments, advanced training, reduced operating costs, and fewer occupant complaints.

Fume Hood Testing

Fume hood and cabinet testing are required in certain facilities after installation, when repairs occur and possibly annually. Sterilized air and testing is important in areas of controlled environments facing threats of airborne contaminates. Balancing Professionals performs fume hood testing and airflow measurements.

Building owners, mechanical engineers and contractors can trust that fume hood and cabinet testing will be done accurately by expert technicians to reduce equipment malfunction, sterilize environments and maintain certification.

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