Air Quality EXPERTS

As the demand for high efficiency and high performance indoor comfort systems increases, tolerances in the design of commercial and institutional buildings have narrowed significantly. Established in 1993 as an independent agency, Balancing Professionals offers National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) Certified Testing and Balancing for all HVAC equipment systems. We are committed to "Creating Customers For Life" by ensuring compliance with standards set by engineers and manufacturers for indoor air quality and systems performance.

Our services help minimize expenses while maximizing efficiency, equipment life and indoor comfort. Our expert technicians ensure environmental systems will perform to the specifications mandated by professional consulting engineers. Air quality standards, regulations and court precedents continue to evolve and challenge building owners. Balancing Professionals, Inc. is here to meet that challenge.

Specializing in Indoor Air Solutions:
“The best defense is a strong offense. We put our customers’ minds at ease for high efficiency and performance.” 
Steve Everson
Balancing Professionals, Inc.